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Site #3 M'barek Bouhchichi

Tribulums : ‘’La poésie ne doit pas périr. Car alors, où serait l’’espoir du Monde‘’  Léopold  Sédar Senghor 
Polyptic wood and marble, 2023    
In this work, M'barek Bouhchichi materializes poetry by giving authority to words through a collage of politically engaged Tunisian poems that have marked important periods in the country's history. Bouhchichi creates a symbiosis between poetry and poiesis on the Tribulum, an ancestral agricultural tool as violent as it is delicate. The artist transforms poetry into shards of stone that he encrusts on the Tribulum and in the style of mirabilia, the "what we have never seen", he makes the words palpable in front of a History without eyes.